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Technique Talk: Leg Slides & Bent Knee Fallout
Improve your awareness of neutral pelvis with these two easy to complete exercises.
Technique Talk: Bridging
Improve your glut strength by increasing your awareness for better Bridging technique.
Technique Talk: Half Rollback
Learns the ins and outs of safe and effective technique for your Half Rollback.
Series of 5
The series of 5 is part of a traditional Pilates practice.
Each movement in the series, takes approximately one minute.
When combined together these 5 exercises make for a power packed 5 minute core workout.
The series of 5 was developed almost 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates in the method he called Contrology.
Spinal Warm Up & Core Wake Up
This quick 15 min session will increase your spinal mobility and wake up our core.
What a great way to start or finish your day!

Try a Beginner's Mat class to get your body moving.

All you need is a mat!